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Monsters in Motion:
Advanced 3D Character Animation for a Dynamic Future

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Over the course of this 3-day workshop, the participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of animating a character in Autodesk Maya. Starting with navigating through the software’s UI and basic key framing skills, the participants will later move on to animating simple actions and expressions for characters, and end with exporting videos of the animations proper presentation.

Levitated Objects


  • Understand how animation concepts are applied within 3D software.

  • Manipulate controls and attributes to create moving objects.

  • Produce a short character animation clip through simple motions and expressions.

  • Export preview videos of the animation for presentation and review.

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  • Lecture

  • Demonstration

  • Guided Tutorials

  • Discussions

  • Project

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The course will be conducted over 3 days (6 hours per day, split into two 3-hour sessions)

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Beginner to intermediate

This course assumes some basic knowledge of animation and 3D software, but it also provides guided tutorials and demonstrations to help participants develop their skills further. This allows both beginner and intermediate level participants to learn and improve their animation abilities in a structured and supportive environment.

Working Cafe


Physical, in computer lab equipped with the appropriate hardware to run Autodesk Maya

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Introduction to 3D Character Animation


Morning session:

  1. Introduction to animation in 3D software

  2. Navigating the UI in Autodesk Maya

  3. Basic concepts of keyframing and animation curves

Afternoon session:

  1. Setting up a scene for animation

  2. Bouncing ball through obstacle course animation exercise


6 hours

Meeting Room

Mr Azizul Hakim

Azizul Hakim is the Programme Coordinator of the Animation Course at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, based in Cyberjaya. He has been involved in computer graphics and animation since the late 90s and has contributed to various commercial productions ranging from advertisements and music videos to animated television series and visual effects shots. He recently directed the animation series 'Rimba Racer', which was aired on Disney XD, Nickelodeon, and Amazon Prime. He is also a Project Assessor for various projects under MDEC grants and has been heavily involved in animation education and international art exhibitions for almost two decades. Since returning to MMU, he is now focused on research projects and postgraduate work.

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Iqmal Amin is an accomplished multimedia professional with a focus on image, video, and 3D editing. He graduated from Multimedia University and now works as a teaching staff member for the Animation and Visual Effects programme in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia. Iqmal's expertise lies in 3D modeling and rigging, as well as animating and motion graphics. He has worked on several international award-winning projects with Giggle Garage Sdn. Bhd as an animator, compositor, and FX artist. These projects include Time Traveler Luke and Space Nova, where he was responsible for the special effects. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Iqmal is also a freelance FX artist, and he recently provided animation work for HBO Asia's Series, Folklore (Toyol).


Mr Iqmal Amin


Monsters in Motion TP
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