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Making Monsters: Mastering Stopmotion Animation for the Future

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This 3-day workshop offers a hands-on introduction to Stopmotion Animation. Topics include Animation applications, Character Design and Fabrication, Animating Characters, and post-production.


Participants will gain practical experience in the world of Stopmotion Animation, from design to final product.

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  • Be acquainted to the basics of Animation and its applications.

  • Understand the techniques required in character creation.

  • Training creativity in terms of original character design.

  • Construct characters and create their own stop-motion animation.

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  • Lecture

  • Demonstration/ Tutorial

  • Preparation

  • Project Execution

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The course will be conducted in 3 days (6 hours per day, split into two 3-hour sessions)

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Beginner and intermediate

The course "Making Monsters: Mastering Stopmotion Animation for the Future" is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level participants as it covers the basics of animation and its applications, as well as more advanced techniques in character creation and stop-motion animation. It is ideal for those who are new to stop-motion animation and want to develop their skills, as well as for those who have some experience and want to take their skills to the next level.

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Physical on campus

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Introduction to Animation - Stopmotion Animation


Morning session:

  1. Brief introduction to Animation

  2. Stop-motion Animation and its uses in media

  3. Making Monsters - How Do I Create My Monster?

Afternoon session:

  1. Character Design - referencing, drawing, appeal, form studies

  2. Draw Me! - Live drawing session and draft of Monster character design


6 hours


Participant Requirement:
  • Software: Mobile Application- Stop motion Studio (Free)

  • Hardware: Smart phone with camera.

  • Skill level: No pre-requisites skill required

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Ms Qistina Ruslan

Ms Qistina Ruslan is an independent filmmaker and stop-motion animator who has over 9 years of experience in the field. She has worked on independent films, commercial work, advertisements, and educational content. She has also presented technical papers and conducted workshops for various organizations. She is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies while teaching at Multimedia University in subjects related to advertising design, animation, video production, film, and design.

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Anuar Bin Hassan, also known as "Sireh," is a well-known Malaysian cartoonist and visual artist. He studied Fine Arts at UiTM and Computer Graphics Design at Wanganui Regional Community Polytechnic in New Zealand, where he received his BA. He then pursued his Masters of Science in Creative Multimedia at Multimedia University and is currently a lecturer in the Animation & Visual Effects Program there. With 30 years of experience in illustrations, his work has received numerous awards in comic and design competitions. He has had his works published in various newspapers such as Kosmo, Malay Mail, and local magazines including Gila-Gila, Humor, Gelihati, and Ujang. He is also a co-founder of APO? magazine, which was established in 1998. Anuar's passion for visual storytelling and cartooning continues to inspire and educate his students.

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Mr Anuar Bin Hassan


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