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Generating Insights: Advanced Analytics for Tomorrow's Workplace

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In this 4-day training, the participants will be exposed to tools construct analytics models, provide a systematic way for effective data storytelling before insightful information can be generated.

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  • Understand basic concepts in predictive analytics.

  • Measuring the performances of predictive models.

  • Building a dashboard using Microsoft Power BI for analytics visualization.

  • Deploying a Power BI dashboard with scheduled updates.

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  • Group discussion

  • Scenario presentation

  • Hands-on sessions

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4 days with 8 hours per day

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Beginner to intermediate

The course is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level participants because it covers both basic concepts and advanced techniques in predictive analytics. Participants will learn how to measure the performance of predictive models, which is an essential skill for any data analyst, regardless of their experience level. 

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Virtual, Physical, or Hybrid

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  1. A brief idea about prediction

  2. Scenario suitable for prediction

  3. Predictive models and their purposes


Towards the end of this module, participants are able to define the purpose of prediction and the different types of models. Various case studies will be presented for participants to articulate ideas of how their problems in relevant to
prediction could be solved.


8 hours


Participant Requirement:
  • Managers

  • Developers

Meeting Room
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Dr Loh Yuen Peng

Yuen Peng Loh is a lecturer at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Multimedia University in Malaysia. She holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science and information technology, and a B.Eng. degree in mechatronic engineering with honours. Her specialization is in computer vision, image processing, deep learning, and machine learning, and she has active research projects funded by MOE and industries. Dr. Loh actively collaborates with researchers from both international and local institutions in various capacities, including research and postgraduate student supervision. She is an active member of IEEE and is currently serving as an Editor for the IEEE Consumer Technology Society’s online publication. Dr. Loh is also a TTT Certified Trainer.

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Choo-Yee Ting is a Professor at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Multimedia University in Malaysia. He is a Fellow of Microsoft Research Asia and has worked on research projects related to predictive analytics and Big Data, with funding from MOE, MOSTI, Telekom Malaysia, MDeC, and industries. Prof. Ting has won two national level Big Data Analytics competitions and has experience in trouble ticket resolution prediction, seat capacity optimization, and dengue outbreak prediction. He is certified in Microsoft Technology Associate (Database), IBM DB2 CDA, and the Coursera Data Science Specialization (John Hopkins University). He was involved in the Selangor COVID-19 initiative and was appointed by the federal government to support the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme in vaccine supply forecasting and modeling.

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Prof Ts Dr ting Choo Yee


Generating Insighs TP
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Dr Ng Kok Why

Kok-Why Ng is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics in Multimedia University, Malaysia. He received his PhD from the same university in 2017. He teaches various subjects related to programming, algorithms, mathematics, data science, and big data. His research interests are in data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. He leads several project grants and collaborates with universities and companies for research and application projects.

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