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Digital Marketing: Building Strategic Branding for Tomorrow's Market

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This 1-day training, the participants will be able to build creative passion, focus,
persistence, and fundamentally, commitment into a set of promises that
consumers believe in. Participant will then be able to build an exemplary brand
in the digital ecosystem and grow their business.

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  • Covered the necessary concepts for building a brand.

  • Create your own brand strategy model based on the one created by
    creative hustle.

  • Create a digital strategy for your brand from the mission statement to the
    consumer journey design.

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  • Roleplay

  • Lecture session

  • Workbook template

  • Case study

  • Multimedia

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1 day (7 hours ) programme to be conducted

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Beginner and intermediate

The course is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level participants because it covers the necessary concepts for building a brand, which is a foundational aspect of digital marketing. It also guides participants in creating their own brand strategy model and digital strategy for their brand, which is a more advanced level skill.

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Virtual / Physical / Hybrid

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Introduction & Understand your brand


The great thing about marketing in creative industries is that the possibilities are endless. Participants will tap into their creativity and draw inspiration from unlikely
places to develop a brand identity that communicates their ideals, standards and quality. Once they got their messaging down, the next step is to get the message out to customers in a way that will attract (and keep) their attention.


2 hours

Office Setup


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Ms Diyana Mahad

Ms Diyana Mahad is a Quantitative Methods Lecturer at the Faculty of Management, MMU Cyberjaya, with 12 years of experience in various sectors including government, assurance, manufacturing, and higher education. She has also become a serial entrepreneur, having completed the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Accelerator Program and University Entrepreneurship Masterclass by Startup Malaysia. She is certified in several areas, including digital marketing, social media marketing, and design thinking, and has developed modules and conducted training in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and design thinking for clients such as Telekom Malaysia, KPWKM, PNMB, MSD Innovation, and Cyberview.

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