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This programme is designed to develop and educate youths to be more competitive as well as qualified job seekers intending to satisfy current industry demands. This is because graduates must master new skills and gain new self-awareness in order for them to be marketable and stay relevant.


By the end of the programme, the protégé:

  • Able to critically think in and be a knowledgable solutions provider 

  • Demonstrate empathy in leadership and entrepreneurial skills 

  • Utilises insight from professionals to enhance their marketability and employability


Value Driven Professional:
Fundamentals of IR4.0

This course is designed to assist job seekers in helping them to prepare for the job market and equip them in the use of appropriate language for effective business communication.

Value Driven Professional:
Power BI Essentials

This training is designed for employees across different functions who are spending days working with volumes of data with Excel which can be time consuming and repetitive. Looking for new ways to analyse, visualize and effectively present the data. This course is designed to give you an end to end view of all Power BI components and tools. In this course, you will learn all modules of Power BI; from Getting Data with Power Query, Doing data Modelling, Visualization in Power BI Desktop and Publishing content in Power BI Service. You will learn all the concepts with live demos. Expect learning best practices with great scenarios in this course.

Value Driven Professional:
Information Security Awareness

To introduce concepts related to computer and network security. The objectives will enable protege to describe various terms and concepts related to computer security, compare and differentiate computer threats, identify and use modern tools to mitigate computer threats and understand the best practices of computer and network security

Career Enhancement:Future Workforce:
Making a difference

Career advancement refers to the upward progression of one's career. An individual can advance by moving from an entry-level job to a management position within the same field, for instance, or from one occupation to another

Statistic designs
Stand-Up Meeting

Brown Bag Session:
Branding Yourself - Insights from HR Professional

With digital transformation, many new jobs will be created which requires future-proofing ourselves to meet new challenges at the workplace. In this session, participants will be exposed on how to develop a unique professional identity and coherent message that sets them apart from others. Furthermore, this session will educate the participants to remain employable in a rapidly-changing job market.

 Workplace Communication:
Converse and Write Right

This course is designed to assist job seekers in helping them to prepare for the job market and equip them in the use of appropriate language for effective business communication.

Writing on Tablet

Communication & Networking Skills:
 High Impact Presentation Skills

What makes a presentation so effective? What factors contribute to audience engagement and speaker credibility? Learn communication techniques that will help you connect with your audience as you speak. Gain a deeper understanding of how to create a lasting and delightful impression on your audience.

Value Driven Professional:
Big Data Awareness

This course aims to increase participants' understanding of the possibilities of big data and their comprehension of the big data environment in terms of theory and application. We'll cover common big data frameworks and a methodological framework for big data analysis.

Creative & Analytical Thinking:
 Let us be a Creative and Critical Thinker!

Design thinking can be used to find a new strategic direction for the business or to solve non-product-oriented issues like user experience and understanding. Before the invention of computer programming in the 19th century, designers used procedures that eventually gave rise to design thinking.

Grooming & Etiquette:
Personal Enhancement

This module's goal is to help participants adopt the proper mindset, which will lead them to acquire the habits and behaviours that will provide the intended results. Participants will get knowledge on how to cultivate empathy, mindfulness, and resilience.

Environment Sustainability & Social Impact: 
Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact

The goal of the course is to promote individual environmental protection awareness and to create business opportunities for environmental preservation and poverty alleviation.

Organisational Adaptability:
 PowerPoint Presentations:
An Art of Creative Communication

Protégées will learn how to put together a persuading presentation that will increase credibility, improve client relations, and effectively communicate ideas. Participants will pick out tips that will give them the upper hand while presenting a presentation at a workshop or for a business or public relations conference.

Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary Industrial Revolution

Through the preparation of a business plan, this course end goal is to enable participants how to recognise business opportunities and capitalise on their business ideas. It offers a platform for comprehending the potential of the business, marketing, operations, financial management, and information technology management as a start-up.


Learn through multiple channels methods such as games, role play, group activities, peer consultation & industrial talk. This program will undergo hybrid delivery.

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