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Cyber Security

The Cyber Security module covers the most abilities and information required for the secure utilize of ICT in ordinary settings, at domestic and at work. For people and associations, it is vital to get it great home in keeping up a secure organized association, utilizing the web securely and safely, and overseeing information and data. This module covers concepts around secure data and information, physical security, security, and personality theft. As information and data are important, having the suitable information, abilities, and mindfulness to secure them is advantageous in a wide extent of work. The Cyber Security module makes a difference specialists and bosses ensure these vital assets.

Digital Security System


  • Understand the key concepts of IT security.

  • Recognise good practice in protecting computers, devices, and networks.

  • Understand the types of risk that pose a threat to security.

  • Know how to use the internet and communication channels securely.

  • Recognise good practice in secure data management.


  • Covers the skills needed to understand the key concepts relating to the importance of secure information and data,physical security,privacy and identity theft.

  • Certifies best practice in Cyber Security.

  • Developed with input from computer users,subject matter experts and practising computer professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of module content.