Compelling cooperation requires a bunch of individuals to work together to total a shared objective. In any case, compelling collaboration can be challenging without the suitable collaborative apparatuses and stages or the aptitudes to utilize them. These innovations make it conceivable for group individuals to communicate viably with each other, arrange and oversee assignments, and store and share data and ability, from one secure online location.This module is appropriate for any individual who works in a group or is planning to work in a group that employs collaborative apparatuses to attain their shared objectives.



  • Understand the key concepts related to the use of collaborative tools and platforms.

  • Manage calendars and tasks to enhance team coordination and effectiveness.

  • Use appropriate collaborative tools to communicate through conversations, meetings and webinars,

  • Use appropriate collaborative tools to store and share information, generate ideas, and create outputs.


  • Get it the key concepts related to the utilize of collaborative instruments and stages.

  • Utilize suitable collaborative apparatuses to store and share data, create thoughts, and make yields.

  • Oversee calendars and errands to upgrade group coordination and adequacy.