Accountant Records


Financial Spreadsheets

The Spreadsheets module covers the advanced skills required to supply refined reports, perform complicated mathematical and applied mathematics calculations, and improve productivity employing a program application. Spreadsheets square measure a crucial tool for managing and analysing money knowledge. however taking advantage of a lot of advanced options that program tools supply wants deeper, increased skills. This module can facilitate professionals to use the complicated capabilities of program tools to grasp knowledge and build aware choices.

Financial Report


  • Understand functions such as those associated with logical, statistical, financial, and mathematical operations.

  • Use tables and lists to analyse, filter, sort, validate, and audit data, as well as create and use scenarios.

  • Apply advanced formatting options such as conditional formatting, customised number formatting, and chart formatting.

  • Use linking, embedding and importing features as well as comparing and merging spreadsheets.

  • Understand the productivity and security features of spreadsheet tools.


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