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Big Data


This module introduces big data. Big data is a term related to data management and analysis that is usually too large for traditional data processing software. Most businesses and organizations process large amounts of data on a daily basis. This is what your organization does with important data. You can analyze big data to gain insights that lead to better decision making and strategic business movements.



  • Understand the term big data and its evolution, and recognise drivers behind its expansion.

  • Recognise key aspects of big data relating to storage technologies, analysis, and visualisation.

  • Recognise examples of big data implementation in a range of sectors.

  • Identify considerations for adoption of big data, including investment, practical challenges, business potential, and ethical issues.

  • Recognise steps for exploiting big data in a specific scenario or situation.


  • Upgrading learning with information visualization

  • Certifies best practice in effective big data trend use

  • Get it the term enormous information and its advancement, and perceive drivers behind its development