Computer Games



The Computing module covers the most ideas and skills required to use code and procedure thinking. It helps develop the abilities to produce easy pc programs. Computational thinking is employed in several job roles, not simply program and package development. cryptography is changing into the new commonplace of acquirement, with skills employed in roles as varied as art and style, engineering, information analysis, and science. Computing develops connected skills like problem- resolution, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithms.

Working on a Computer


  • Understand key concepts in computing and the typical activities involved in creating programs.

  • Recognize and use computational thinking techniques such as problem decomposition and pattern recognition.

  • Identify problems and develop solutions.

  • Write and build with code.

  • Apply project management methodologies such as test, debug, and release.


  • Apply venture administration strategies such as test, investigate, and discharge.

  • Type in and construct with code.

  • Recognize issues and create arrangements.