Stock Market Data


Data Analytics


The Data Analytics module covers the most ideas and skills required to analyze statistics, prepare information sets, summarize information, and build information visualizations. As technology is employed additional and additional for everyday activities like sales, production, logistics, and client services, organizations are generating giant sets of knowledge which might be a valuable resource if evaluated properly.

Analysing data


  • Understand the main concepts of data analytics in business.

  • Apply statistical analysis concepts to data sets.

  • Know how to import data into a spreadsheet and prepare it for analysis with cleansing and filtering.

  • Use pivot tables and pivot charts to summarize data sets.

  • Understand data visualization techniques and tools, and how they are used to create reports and dashboards.


  • Get it information perception strategies and instruments, and how they are utilized to make reports and dashboards.

  • Know how to consequence information into a spreadsheet and get it ready for investigation with cleansing and sifting.

  • Get the most concepts of information analytics in commerce.