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2D Design


The 2D Design module covers the key concepts and skills required to make two-dimensional sketches, alter object properties, and print or plot outputs. Computer-aided design (CAD) is used widely in a wide variety of industries. CAD skills are in high demand in the digital field, and non-technical professionals may use CAD software to build complex 2D designs and concepts.

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  • Understand how 2D design applications are used to create and edit drawings.

  • Recognise when to use layers and levels.

  • Know the main operations of a 2D CAD application and how to use them.

  • Apply advanced features, such as block and cells, to a project.

  • Understand how to output a drawing for plotting or printing.


  • Covers the skills and main concepts relating creating, editing 2 dimensional designs or drawing.

  • Certifies best use 2D designing.

  • Able to grasp how to yield a drawing for plotting or printing.