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Information Literacy

The Data Education module covers the most concepts and aptitudes relating to recognizing, looking, assessing, sorting out, and communicating online information. The endless sum of information available online could be a profitable asset when carrying out inquiries, but suitable knowledge and aptitudes must be connected to do this appropriately. To form truthfully sound and well-researched yields, data found online ought to be evaluated and assessed accurately.

Business Meeting


  • Identify what online information is needed to meet a particular requirement.

  • Know how to search securely for online information using search engines and social media.

  • Critically evaluate information using a range of criteria.

  • Understand good management and organization of information.

  • Know how to plan, draft, review, and deliver online information.


  • Recognize what online data is required to meet a specific prerequisite.

  • Know how to arrange, draft, audit, and convey online data.

  • Know how to enlist, set up, and erase client accounts for collaborative devices.