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Internet of Things


The IoT module introduces the web of Things, that extends web property from computers and connected devices to alternative physical devices or common objects and leverages from technologies like embedded systems, wireless sensors, and automation. This module is appropriate for a large variety of candidates; as an example, non-technical professionals who want to make associations demonstrate an understanding of IoT, facilitating engagement with their technical colleagues or their suppliers, or students who want to feature general technical data to sector-specific or general studies.

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  • Understand key concepts relating
    to Internet of Things (IoT), including common structure and requirements

  • Recognise examples of consumer, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural applications of IoT

  • Identify current trends in IoT, including the evolution of IoT components and the important role played by governance.

  • Understand ethical, security, and interoperability considerations around adoption of IoT, and consider how IoT could be implemented in a given scenario

  • Consider appropriate solutions and models for implementing cloud computing in a given scenario or situation


  • Covers the key skills and main concepts relating to IoT

  • Certifies best home in IoT

  • Get it moral, security, and interoperability contemplations around appropriation of IoT, and consider how IoT might be executed in each situation