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Signing a Contract

Leadership skills are important for sustainable corporate growth. They are also a central factor in good management. Our development training will help you improve your current skills while also teaching you new ones.

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This training shows how to follow an encouraging rather than enforcing approach to people who have mastered the learned behaviour of efficient management and want to cultivate the attribute of inspiring leadership.

On successful completion of this course attendees will be able to :

  • Explain the three types of leadership.

  • Explain what a leader's job entails.

  • Define delegation's significance.

  • In group exercises, show that you are action-oriented.

Signing a Contract
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  • Company’s competencies as the guiding  framework.

  • Measurable mindset & behavioural shifts.

  • Contemporary instructor-led modules.

  • Leadership assessment.

  • Hybrid learning- digital learning platform and tools.

  • Action Learning Project (ALP).

  • Brown –bag sessions.

  • Individual and team-readiness assessment.

  • Pre and post test.

  • Individual and analytical overall programme reports.

  • Field trip.

  • Guaranteed credit transfer of selected learning modules to allow enrolment into and fast track completion of the MMU MBA.

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Our courses are designed to help you and your team work more efficiently both internally and externally, and are delivered by experts in their fields as well as professional trainers. We draw on our years of global experience as a pioneer in professional training to provide meaningful learning and growth opportunities.

For more details about our leadership skills training courses, contact us today.

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