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Computer and Online Essentials

Innovation may be a key component of each cutting-edge work. Working with computers and gadgets, as well as utilizing online apparatuses and applications viably are prerequisites for everyone.This module is reasonable for those who utilize computers to carry out particular assignments but too as an establishment for creating encouraging competences within the viable utilize of technology in the work environment. Whereas most individuals are mindful of a few common assignments on computers or online, they may take advantage of vital extra abilities or information relating to overseeing gadget settings, browsing, or communication.

Typing on a Computer


  • Understand key concepts and carry out key activities relating to hardware and software.

  • Manage files and folders, store data, and manage applications.

  • Understand network concepts, and connect to a network.

  • Find and manage online information effectively, and manage browser settings.

  • Understand considerations relating to the effective use of common communication tools.

  • Send, receive, and manage emails, and use calendars.

  • Understand potential threats and ways to protect computers, devices, and data.


  • Get its key concepts and carry out key exercises relating to equipment and computer programs.

  • Get it to arrange concepts, and interface to an organization.

  • Get its potential dangers and ways to secure computers, gadgets, and information.