Office Building


3D Design

This module develops the knowledge and skills needed to manipulate objects and render photo-realistic graphics using lights, textures, and backgrounds using 3D modelling software.This module is appropriate for teachers, designers, developers, architects, technical workers, and others who want to expand their 2D CAD skills by learning about 3D modelling.

Office Building


  • Understand how 3D design applications are used to create and modify drawings.

  • Use, save, and recall model view tools such as pan, zoom, and rotate.

  • Know how to draw points, lines, arcs, splines, circles, and polygons and use surface modelling to extrude surfaces and create planes,
    edge surfaces, and surface revolutions.

  • Create and manipulate object or graphic elements.

  • Know how to create photo-realistic presentations by rendering a model or scene.


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