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This module is a high-level certification programme through which candidates can demonstrate their ability to use the advanced features of word processing applications to enhance their work, improve productivity and save time. completion of this module will enable candidates to demonstrate professionalism and save time in the creation, production, review, and distribution of documents.


  • Apply advanced text, paragraph, column and table formatting. Convert text to a table and vice versa.

  • Work with referencing features like footnotes, endnotes and captions. Create tables of contents, indexes and cross-references.

  • Enhance productivity by using fields, forms and templates.

  • Apply advanced mail merge techniques and work with automation features like macros.

  • Use linking and embedding features to integrate data.

  • Collaborate on and review documents. Work with master documents and subdocuments. Apply document security features.

  • Work with watermarks, sections, and headers and footers in a document.



  • Allows users to become more confident, efficient and effective in using a word processing application.

  • Proves mastery of the application.

  • Enables users to produce and manage large, complex word processing outputs.

  • Improves user’s productivity and saves time.

  • Developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts and practising computer professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of module content.


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